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Our activities would not be possible without local partners.
By collaborating with them, we have a local perspective and listen to the needs and real voices of farmers.
Here are some of the key partners in this project.

EMFED Farms & Trading Limited

2012年創業のカカオ生産者向けに農園管理サービスを提供しているガーナ資本の新興企業。現在、EMFEDはガーナのカカカオ豆研究機関であるCocoa Research Institute of Ghana(CRIG)や持続可能なサプライチェーン構築を目指す国際NGO組織のSolidaridad、貧困問題に取り組む米国発のNPO法人Acumen fundなどとも連携し、ガーナ国内の62農家(80ha)に対して農園管理サービスを提供している。現在の事業内容は、農園管理サービス(除草、剪定、農薬や肥料の運用、収穫作業)を提供し、対価として顧客である生産者からカカオポッドを受け取り、自ら発酵・乾燥(ポストハーベスト管理)を行いカカオ豆集荷業者に販売し現金収入を得ている。このプロジェクトでは、ポストハーベスト管理に目を付け、農業管理サービスで農家に対する利益だけでなく、発酵・乾燥施設を建設し適切な管理を行うことで高品質カカオ豆の生産を行うことを目指している。最終的に彼らが生産した高品質カカオ豆をプレミアムを付与して立花商店が世界に販売していく。
EMFED is a Ghanaian-owned start-up that provides farm management services for cocoa producers founded in 2012. EMFED provides farm management services to 62 farmers (80ha) in Ghana, collaborating with Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG), Solidaridad, an international NGO aiming to build a sustainable supply chain, and Acumen fund, an NPO from the United States that works on poverty issues. The current business is to provide farm management services (weeding, pruning, pesticide and fertilizer operation, harvesting), receiving cacao pods from farmers as compensation, and ferment and dry (post-harvest management) by themselves. It sells to a cacao bean collector and earns cash income.This project focuses on post-harvest management and aims to produce high quality cocoa beans not only for the benefit of farmers with agricultural management services, but also by constructing fermentation and drying facilities and managing them appropriately.Ultimately, Tachibana & Co., Ltd. will sell the high-quality cacao beans to the world with a premium.

Cocoa Reseach Institute of Ghana

It is an organization under the direct control of COCOBOD, the cacao industry control organization, and is a comprehensive research institute for cacao beans in Ghana. There is a model farm in the facility, and they have a deep knowledge of not only farm management but also chemical processes such as cacao bean cultivation, fermentation and drying. CRIG does not concentrate on agronomic research only. It also undertakes Research and Development (R & D) in the areas of crop utilization i.e., processing, storage and development of by-products from fresh cocoa pod residues, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cashew apple, cashew kernel, shea fruit and butter.In this project, Tachibana & Co., Ltd. ask CRIG to cooperate with fermentation guidance and quality evaluation of cacao beans and chocolate to EMFED for a future development, when processing high value-added cacao beans into cocoa mass and chocolate.